And Now For Something Completely Different…


One of my favorite quotes from one of my favorite plays is, “What we fear is the same! That makes us equal!” — Sam Shepard, Angel City

Many believe that hate is the opposite of love, when in fact it is fear. Fear is the seed from which hate, intolerance, and judgment grow.

The main motivator in life, that to which we react, that which fuels all of our choices and actions is the constant battle within us between the opposing forces of love and fear.

What we fear is indeed the same. Let’s turn that around and say, “What we love is the same! That makes us equal!”

We all love our families, friends, communities, pets, environment, spirituality. We fear loss:  loss of control; loss of security; loss of time; loss of a loved one. Mostly, we fear what we don’t understand.

Let’s turn that around, too, and not reject what is different out of fear. Let’s try to have empathy for all of humankind. Let’s try to see that everyone fears loss and feels love as we do.

If nothing else, let’s allow people be who they are and love them for sharing this common experience.

Plant a new seed. A seed of love. We are all one.


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